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Citrus Fennel Arugula and Baby Butter Salad

This salad is not only visually stunning but also bursting with fresh flavors and nutritious ingredients. It’s perfect for a light lunch or as a side dish for any occasion. Enjoy the delightful combination of sweet oranges, crunchy watermelon radishes, aromatic fennel, and the satisfying crunch of pistachios, all brought together with a light and flavorful herby vinaigrette.

Power Greens Mocktail

This vibrant mocktail is packed with nutrient-rich ingredients to energize your day, and the hint of jalapeno adds a delightful kick. Whether you’re detoxing or simply looking for a refreshing beverage, this power greens mocktail is sure to become a favorite in your repertoire.

Crispy Rice Power Greens Salad

Green Vegetable and Walnut Miso Soup with Soba Noodles

We love this umami bomb of a recipe from Alexandra at In My Bowl

A healthful dose of winter staving umami, this Green Vegetable and Walnut Miso Soup has quickly been a household staple. Made with a very simple, mineral rich, and immune boosting wakame and kombu seaweed broth, dutifully spiked with undertones of ginger and a deeply savory walnut and white miso paste, we take our bowls to the next level with mountainous piles of buckwheat soba noodles, broccoli and snap peas, and a heaping handful of Earthbound Farm’s tender baby kale leaves.

Indian-spiced Cauliflower Soup

nowy white and crunchy, organic cauliflower is a beautiful, healthy vegetable that’s just bursting with delicious possibilities. Here we’ve simmered it in a vegetable broth seasoned with aromatic subcontinent spices to create a delightfully warming and versatile soup that’s perfect for a winter meal.

Change it up by puréeing it smooth for a dinner party or stirring in some baby spinach for a hearty family supper, and watch it nestle nicely into your seasonal recipe rotation. You’ll never take cauliflower for granted again.

Backed Broccoli Cauliflower Veggie Tots and Creamy Chive Dip

Get your kids in the kitchen with these broccoli cauliflower tots from Sophia DeSantis of Veggies Don’t Bite. They are super simple, easy to put together and have few ingredients!

Sweet & Spicy Roasted Cauliflower with Tahini Beet Dressing

This is cauliflower with a definite kick! We all love roasted cauliflower (don’t we?), but this recipe elevates that roast with sweet and spicy fireworks and laces it with a gorgeous pink drizzle to cool the mouth and dress up the dish. If you’re not up for the heat, dial back the sriracha.

Celery Spiked Guacamole

Never thought about adding celery to your guac? Give it a spin with this simple and delicious recipe. The celery adds fresh flavor and crunch to the guacamole without altering too much of those favorite treats you’ve come to love.

Power Berry Smoothies

Get your day going with a delightful fruit smoothie anchored by our powerfully nutritious greens: PowerKale or Baby Spinach!

Wholesome organic frozen fruit and fruit juice impart a gently sweet flavor, and they provide the perfect cover for adding healthy veggies to your diet — even if you don’t particularly like to eat your greens straight up.

These smoothies make a terrific on-the-go breakfast or refreshing midday snack. The variations emphasize different fruit flavors, but you should experiment to suit your own tastes. Each recipe makes one 12-ounce smoothie. Enjoy!

Janna Jo’s Fancy Herb Water

Janna Jo Williams is the dedicated green thumb in charge of the gardens at our Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, California. She developed this delightful flavored water with the bountiful herbs she grows in our Cut-Your-Own Organic Herb Garden there.

“As perfect and refreshing for a party as for home, this Fancy Herb Water is a delicious and fragrant way to quench your thirst,” she says…and lots of Farm Stand event attendees agree!

“I choose all of my favorites from our organic herb garden here at the Farm Stand: in the video my infused water has lemon verbena, chamomile, lemon balm, bee balm, Moroccan mint, borage, lavender and a rosebud for both flavor and a pretty accent. You can use whatever fresh herbs you have in your garden or that you purchase — ones that you might use in your favorite hot tea would work beautifully in this cold brew.”

Always be sure to use only organic herbs and flowers so you don’t inadvertently add chemicals or pesticides to your water. This recipe makes about 16 8-ounce servings of infused water.

Mango Strawberry Carrot Smoothie

This lively smoothie is a terrific way to start your day — or energize your afternoon. Bursting with fresh fruit flavor, it’s also packed with vitamins and antioxidants, courtesy of the fruits and carrots inside.

Smoothies are a delicious way to get more fruits and veggies into your day; you have complete control over what’s in it, so you don’t have to worry about hidden surprises that might throw off your healthy regimen. And the ingredient combinations are limited only by your taste and imagination, so feel free to experiment with your favorites. Enjoy!

Blueberry Spinach Smoothie

This beautiful, deep purple smoothie is bursting with lively blueberry flavor, but the nutritious organic spinach goes unnoticed — so it’s a terrific way to sneak in some greens as part of a delightful breakfast or a refreshing snack.