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Our Story

Farmers From the Start

We’re the original organic salad farmer. Born in 1984 on a 2.5 acre backyard farm in Carmel Valley California, Earthbound Farm has grown to become a modern-day leader in the organic food movement.

We stick to what we know best: growing produce that’s not only fresh but also free from GMOs and synthetic pesticides. It’s about respecting the Earth through the use of renewable energy in our agricultural and packaging practices, while also ensuring that these practices sustain the health of the soil and the creatures that pollinate our crops.

Our dedication to innovation means we’re always on the lookout for new ways to deliver the freshest, most flavorful produce to your table, in a manner that nurtures both the planet and our community.

Meanwhile, our roots remain strong. We’re still farmer-and family-owned to this day. You can experience a piece of our heritage at our Farm Stand and Organic Cafe, down the road from our original backyard farm.

Join us on this journey, where together we can make everyday a good day on Earth.

Stewards of the Land

At Earthbound Farm, we are passionate about farming the finest veggies while respecting the ground that feeds us.

By integrating organic and greenhouse farming, these two methods give us more tools to solve the environmental challenges that we face today, while providing a wider variety of the freshest and best tasting veggies for you.

We have continually built upon our Earth-focused practices through creating eco-friendly packaging, leading zero waste and off-the-grid facilities, and creating sustainable and regenerative farms.