At Earthbound Farm, we’re working to bring organic to everyone.

Our founders, Drew and Myra Goodman, started with a 2.5-acre raspberry farm in 1984. Surrounded by the striking mountains of Carmel Valley, they decided they didn’t want to conquer this beautiful planet with chemicals. They made a commitment to farm organically. A commitment we’ve kept from the beginning.

Since then, we’ve grown our 2.5 acres to almost 50,000. We’ve been the face of small organic, medium organic and as-big-as-it-gets organic—all with the goal of bringing more happy to the world.

Because happy is organic.
Organic is happy.

At Earthbound Farm, happy is what defines us. We grow happy people with healthy bodies, nourished by our organic produce. We grow a happy planet by sustainably farming and keeping synthetic chemicals out of the environment. And we’ll continue to grow happy, from our happy place to yours.

All you need is

Several studies conclude that seven servings of fruits & veggies give you a noticeable mood boost.

Our organic produce is grown with

  • toxic synthetic chemicals
  • GMOs

That means all you’re getting is wholesome, delicious, REAL food.

Sporting the USDA Certified Organic Seal is no small feat.

It is reserved for those whose dedication to the Earth is measureable and continuously tested, year after year.

  • Have long-term soil management plans
  • Keep meticulous records
  • Establish buffers between organic and conventional fields
  • Use NO chemical herbicides, fumigants or synthetic fertilizers
  • Use NO unapproved pesticides on soil or products

Being part of the organic food industry often opens people's eyes and transforms them.

Otto is also a father. And that’s why he fell in love with organic farming.

When Otto converted from conventional to organic farming, he could come in from the fields and hug his kids without worrying whether he was bringing chemicals and pesticides home on his clothes. Turns out organic farming helps grow happy families, too.

We take our food safety seriously with a serious food safety program.

Evaluate the field to be planted. What was there before? Is there anything that may need special attention?

Food-safety test all irrigation water.

Do the same for all soil amendments and compost.

Lab-test freshly harvested greens. Destroy any greens that don’t pass the test.

Remove any stray pebbles or twigs with sophisticated sorters.

Pre-wash greens in cold, lightly chlorinated water.

Efficiently dry and package delicate greens.

Run the newly packaged greens through a metal detector.

Lab-test the greens. Again.

Get audited by the BRC, the global gold standard of best practices in the food industry.


Fruits & veggies make us all happy. Our organic fruits & veggies make us all happier.
We keep the earth healthy and happy by keeping chemicals out of it.

of synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides out of the environment.

A 100% post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET plastic vessel brings our organic salads to your plates.

It takes less than half the energy to produce our clammies from PCR PET than virgin plastic.

Our Farm Stand
Come visit

In Central California’s Carmel Valley, just down the road from where Earthbound Farm began, is our Farm Stand.

Here you can devour a delicious meal from our all-organic kitchen, or pick up organic produce, flowers, gourmet groceries, or a gift in our retail store. Tour our organic gardens on your own, or enjoy one of our guided flower walks. We also have seasonal events including live music and bug walks for the little ones. Check our Farm Stand Facebook page for the latest updates and details.

Come visit, where there’s plenty of fresh air, sunshine, and delicious organic food.

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