Freshest greens
on Earth.

Discover the Freshest Greens on Earth with Earthbound Farm.

At Earthbound Farm, we've honed our skills to scale, proudly standing as the largest distributor of organic produce. For nearly 40 years, we've perfected the art of farming premium organic produce while ensuring accessibility for our loyal customers. Our journey has been one of passion, innovation, and a commitment to delivering the freshest greens on Earth.

Earthbound Farm is the #1 Selling Brand in Organic Salads

(IRI HH Panel Total US Multi Outlet 52 weeks ending 5-21-23)

Earthbound Farm is the # 1 Growing Brand in Branded Salads*

(IRI Total US Multi Outlet 13 weeks ending 5-21-23)

Earthbound Farm has the #1 Brand Awareness in Organic Produce

(Earthbound Farm Brand Vitals Study April 2023 (n=2,459 US Grocery Shoppers)

Earthbound Farm proudly offers the largest assortment of organic produce in the industry. With an impressive selection of over 150 products, along with our greenhouse-grown blends, organic salad kits, and organic fresh and frozen vegetables, we prioritize meeting the diverse tastes and preferences of our consumers.

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