Spring Mix: 33 Years of Everyone’s Favorite Leafy Greens

There’s a reason our Organic Spring Mix is one of our most popular salad mixes. These days Spring Mix is a produce section staple, but Earthbound Farm started the trend when we introduced this tasty little blend of baby greens back in 1984. But why did we choose these specific greens for our blend, and […]

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Love These Easy Veggie Noodles

Much as we love salads, there are times when we want something different. Something saucy and warm. Something that twirls gently around our fork. Sometimes we just want noodles — but not traditional heavy pasta swimming in sauce. Spiral-sliced vegetables have been around for a long time, but veggie noodle cuisine has exploded in the last […]

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10 Favorite Kitchen Hacks

Everyone has a few shortcuts to make things faster or easier in the kitchen. Here are some of our favorites. What are yours? 1)  Salad dressing in a jar Make your delicious, go-to vinaigrette dressings in a small jar. Just add your ingredients and shake vigorously — then refrigerate what you don’t use in the same […]

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