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Bold and Beautiful: The Super True Saga of…Broccoli?

Bold and beautiful? How about blah, boring, blech! Poor, poor much-maligned broccoli. Oh sure…you all understand that broccoli is good for you, but still you know some people who avoid it. Maybe you do, too. Years ago broccoli even had Oval Office shade thrown its way when then-president George H.W. Bush told the press corps, […]

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Keep the Plants in Plant-Based!

Are you eating more plant-based these days? The “plant-based” food trend is on fire, right? Plant-based is kinda like the not-so-popular kid in high school who actually was cute, smart, and funny but wasn’t quite in the right environment to shine. But hold the phone…they go off to college and BAM! Star of the show. […]

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