Caesar Salad with Crispy Chickpeas and Jammy Eggs

Active Time: 5 minutes • Total Time: 15-20 minutes

Yields: Serves 2-4

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Oh sure…4th of July is Independence Day. But did you know that it’s also National Caesar Salad Day? Always in the shadow of America’s birthday…but maybe this amazing salad will elevate the Caesar Salad Day status. In this recipe, 0ur friend Marie Reginato adds some simple extras to our Organic Caesar Salad kit…and gets a big bang of wow.

Start by preheating your oven to 425F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Pour the chickpeas out onto a paper towel to absorb any moisture. Once the chickpeas are dry, toss into a bowl and coat with the oil, curry powder and sea salt. Spread the chickpeas onto the lined baking sheet and pop into the oven to cook for 12-13 minutes, or until they’re crispy.

In the meantime, bring a pot of water to a boil, slowly drop the eggs into the water and lower to a simmer. Cook for 6-7 minutes. Immediately take the eggs out once your timer goes off and place them into an ice bath for a few minutes to stop cooking. This is how you will get the delicious jammy egg consistency. Peel back the skin (discard) and quarter the eggs.

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In a large bowl, toss all the Earthbound Farm Organic Classic Caesar Salad Kit ingredients together. Serve in bowls and top with the chickpeas, jammy eggs, slices of avocado, sprinkle of hemp seeds and chives. Enjoy!

4 comments on “Caesar Salad with Crispy Chickpeas and Jammy Eggs

  1. Caesar Dressing


    Would sure love it if you’d start selling your Caesar Dressing by itself. (especially if it was available at Costco!)

    • Dressing and croutons


      Yes I love love your dressing and croutons please please start selling them separately!!! I second Costco I would buy a bucket of the dressing it’s soooooooo good!

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