Jon Kiley has been a passionate member of the Earthbound Farm team since 1999, when he joined our sales team. We were a very small company back then and, at first, he wasn’t sure it was the right fit. But he wound up becoming an integral part of the team, not only working in sales but even serving as “talent” in some of our print advertising and brochures.

Now, Earthbound Farm has been home for 19 years. “It really is home,” says Jon. “Our sales team has mostly been together for many, many years and that feels like family. We’ve grown up together, experienced the thrill of explosive growth as well as some real challenges and even heart break.”

The team is a big part of why Jon has stayed in the family for so long. But it’s more than that. “It’s also the company culture, the great customers, pride in the Earthbound Farm brand and respect for organic farming. Not to mention that I thrive in the fast-paced environment here. The day is never boring, that’s for sure.”

Jon has always had a positive impact on his family of co-workers. He’s always quick with a smile and eager to help. How would his family of co-workers describe him?  “I hope they would say I am always helpful and willing to answer their questions, provide my guidance, and perspective on any topic.  That I bring a smile to their faces and the office isn’t the same without me.”

When he’s not at work, Jon spends time with his sons out in nature. “Beach time, golf, hiking – especially in the Sierra Nevada or Big Sur just south of us.” He also is a foodie and enjoys wine tasting and cooking, and reading, too.”

Anyone who’s spent time around Jon isn’t surprised to hear this is his personal motto: “Work hard, play hard.  We all leave a legacy. Make it one your loved ones would be proud of, your children want to emulate, and your friends strive to achieve.  It’s easier to smile and make friends. We all need them.”