Gus Gutierrez has been an organic farmer with Earthbound Farm for 12 years. Farming is a family affair for Gus, who made his way to the field through his father. As a child growing up in the Salinas Valley, he would sometimes accompany his father to work as a tractor driver for an organic produce company named Earthbound Farm. Today, Gus cultivates 960 acres of prime certified organic farmland on Earthbound Farm’s Chualar, Calif. Ranches.

Gus grows organic broccolette, cauliflower, romaine, baby spinach and more for Earthbound Farm. He does this not just because farming is important to him as a livelihood, but because he truly believes in the mission of Earthbound Farm. “I think organic is the future. I can see more and more people and companies doing more organic. You see a lot of people reaching for organic because they know it is safe.”

Gus is proud to provide healthy produce to Earthbound Farm customers, grown without the use of conventional pesticides and chemicals. The biggest benefit he sees in his work is “helping people to eat healthy, knowing no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers were ever used.”

What else makes Gus happy to be an organic farmer? His children. “My inspiration is not putting synthetic pesticides or fertilizers into the earth, to be as sustainable as possible. We don’t want to put anything into the soil that is bad. I want to pass that lesson down to my children.”

Gus hopes that organic farming stays a family affair. He hopes his two children pursue whatever path makes them happy. But if that path is organic farming, he would be more than satisfied to pass down the tradition.