So many of us love pizza, it could be nominated as a national food. It can also be a guilty pleasure, with lots of cheese and toppings that pack many more calories than you want.
If you make pizza at home, you can change that. You can make it a better food — and more delicious, too — when you choose what goes into and on it.

Customize Your Crust. Most well-stocked supermarkets now offer ready-to-use pizza dough (even whole wheat and gluten-free varieties) in the refrigerated case — so you can easily grab a batch while you’re shopping for toppings. If you’re ready to make your own, try rolling out blogger Carrie Vitt’s flavorful cauliflower pizza crust; it bakes up with a lovely crispy-tender texture (gluten-free, too).

Select Your Sauce. Tomato sauce has great flavor and pairs with creamy cheese and other toppings really well. Looking for something different? Try a pesto sauce instead. A gorgeous green pesto can be made with basil, of course, but you can make a delicious pesto from other veggies, too — try our Arugula Pesto for fresh flavor that’s an incredible match for vegetables and pizza seasonings. Spread your sauce on the prepared crust, leaving about a 1-inch margin all around the edge.

Build Your Delicious Pizza. We went two ways with our pies here:

  • We topped our cauliflower pizza crust on the left with organic marinara sauce, roasted broccoli, fresh tomatoes and mozzarella cheese. (This is a great way to use up leftover roasted veggies.)
  • On the pizza peel (right) is whole wheat pizza crust, spread with arugula pesto sauce and topped with baby arugula, sliced pears and blue cheese. This combo may sound a little exotic, but once you taste it, you’ll want to make it a habit!
  • Any of our organic greens add zesty flavor and green goodness to your pizza, but you don’t want to overcook or scorch them. Bake your pizza nearly done first; when the cheese is bubbling and the crust is starting to brown, add the greens (and any creamier cheeses, like blue) at almost the last minute, then return your pizza to the oven just long enough for the greens to barely wilt and the cheese to soften.

Pizza making is even more fun with the whole family. Set out a selection of toppings and let everyone top their own pizzas; it’s a great way for kids to get into making their food and choosing their own veggie-rich combos.