During this season, it’s common to wish people a “prosperous New Year.” Typically, we think of prosperity in economic terms, but it has a much larger and more profound meaning that encompasses being in a state of thriving or flourishing. That’s a lot more than having a nice bank account. Finding the gift of ease in our hectic daily routines can turn the thrive dial to everyday prosperity, even if it’s in small ways.

And here at Earthbound Farm, we’re rolling out our small contribution to your everyday prosperity with our new line of delicious, peak quality organic pre-cut vegetables. No washing, no chopping, just field-fresh organic vegetables all ready to jump right into whatever it is you’re making or simply accompany a main dish. It’s almost as if you had your very own prep cook. Doesn’t that relieve just a little of your meal prep stress? Like maybe seven minutes worth?

Meet our new line-up of fresh cut and ready to use organic vegetables:

Are you one of those people who gets up in the morning and thinks, “Today I’m going to make sure we have some amazingly delicious veggies with dinner tonight?” Because, like most of us, you know you and your fam could stand to get more veggies in your diet. But then it’s 6:30 pm and you’re just starting dinner after school and work and dance lessons and sports practice and that big, intimidating head of broccoli is sitting in your refrigerator and…and…ack! Maybe you’ll tackle it tomorrow.

Now there’s no tackling needed. Just open a package and >>BOOM!<< you’re ready. They’re ready. Right into your recipe. Or just sauté, or steam, or microwave, or roast, or (dare we say it?) even boil them. That’s right. We said it. Chef Samin Nosrat opened our eyes to the beauties of boiling vegetables recently. Just make your water as salty as the sea (way saltier than you think) and boil just till crisp tender, which isn’t very long. The boiling permeates the veggies with some salt, which hikes up the flavor and gets everyone more excited about veggies.

Or what about simply roasting? We adore roasted broccoli, especially, when the little buds get crispy. Just lightly drizzle the broccoli florets in olive oil, toss to coat. Then add salt and pepper to taste and toss to distribute evenly. Pop them on a baking sheet and into a preheated 425 degrees Fahrenheit oven and roast for about 20 minutes. Add some sausage (or other protein) for a complete sheet pan meal. Need a recipe? Try this one and this one.

And since we grew them, they’re organic (which also means they’re grown without GMOs), of course. And that’s whole other level of harmony for the ecosystems, for those of us who grow this food, for the land, those of us who eat it.

Enjoy the everyday prosperity, friends. And let us know what you do with these wonderful veggies.