Earthbound Farm’s organic journey started in 1984 and has taken us from a tiny, 2½-acre founding farm in Carmel Valley, California to being one of the largest organic produce companies anywhere, converting thousands of acres to organic along the way. That’s thousands of acres being farmed in a way that protects pollinators, enhances biodiversity, and builds healthy soil. And that thousands of acres produces enough healthy organic salads and produce to feed people all across North America. Sometimes it seems like it all happened in the blink of an eye.

As we grew, like many companies, we made changes to our logo and packaging – which is really important since how we look is how you all find us where you shop. Some have been better than others. Now that Earthbound Farm is part of the Taylor Farms family, back to our roots in the Salinas Valley, we’re going back to the future.

We’re returning to the logo that best honors our heritage (and the dedication of our founders, farmers, and employees over the years) and a package design grounded in our roots that makes it easier for you to find what you’re looking for in the store. We heard you! Here’s what’s different:


If you follow along, you’ll also see us using a tagline we never lost our fondness for: Food to live by. We still believe that organic is truly that.

We are in the midst of transitioning hundreds of items to our heritage look, so if you haven’t found it yet in your local store, you will soon. As always, thank you for choosing organic.

Check out this video to take a quick trip through the wayback machine.