Pardon our puns, but we really do. We don’t think you need to be a new you just because the calendar flipped over and that’s what’s trending on the interwebs. We’re not gonna should all over you.  You know what’s right for you whether it’s holiday merrymaking or the day-in-day-out – and it’s all good.

The question is, what are you doing for you? And how can we support you more fully, whether you’re eating our organic salads and veggies regularly or just from time to time? I mean, you’re here, so we figure it’s at least from time to time, right?

What we’ve found useful over the years when we do feel like shifting course is – first things first — we want to practice having compassion for ourselves no matter where we are today and learning to ditch those perfectionistic tendencies. Those little buggers can be tenacious but just get in our way. To paraphrase Brené Brown, we are imperfect and vulnerable and the sooner we embrace that, the more we rock.

Then we’re just gonna have an intention to reach for 10% better – whatever that better is we’re after. And we’re gonna be good with who we are every day regardless of whether we think we made 10% or 3% or 20% or 1%. Or even 0%.

And if – just maybe – your 10% better includes a few more bites of organic veggies, well, we’re happy to help you find tasty and easy ways to just crank up your organic salad and veggies consumption ever so slightly.

One way? We’re giving away 4 Vitamix blenders this month – one each week, with different ways to enter each week. You can enter as many times as you like. When you’re blending up a smoothie or soup or sauce, it’s especially easy to drop in an extra 10%. 😊

Here’s the schedule for when and where to enter.

January 3rd through 9th: Newsletter Subscribers

January 10th through 16th: Facebook

January 17th through 23rd: Instagram

January 24th through 31st: Pinterest

Enter away our perfect friends. And keep an eye out for the other fun stuff we’re doing this month: highlighting enjoyable, simple recipes and tips throughout the month to help you get just a little bit more organic produce in your meals – if that’s your 10%. Totally cool if it’s not. We still love you.

We’re here because we Be-Leaf in you!