You’ve heard the news about kale. It’s delicious. It’s surprisingly versatile. And it’s packed with nutrition.

But kale that tastes like dessert? Well, this smoothie might make you believe.

Our friend Tess Masters, The Blender Girl, has come up with a recipe based on an award-winning smoothie from her favorite L.A. raw restaurant, SunCafe. She calls it “the Holy Grail of Kale” — and it’s still the most popular recipe on her website. We’re jazzed that she’s sharing it with us…and we hope you’ll enjoy it, too!

Tastes-Like-Ice-Cream Kale Smoothie

Prep Time: 15m | Total Time: 15m | Serves 2

Tess isn’t sure exactly what’s in the award-winning kale smoothie from her favorite café, but her taste buds attest that this recipe is pretty close. One taste and you’ll understand why even kale-phobic omnivores line up (and even double park) in front of SunCafe to run in and get their fill. We think it’s just perfect — and perfectly delicious — any time of day.

1/2 cup water
1/2 teaspoon probiotic powder (optional)
1/2 cup raw unsalted cashews, soaked
1 cup Earthbound Farm Power Greens or curly green kale (1 or 2 large leaves, stemmed, torn into small pieces), plus more to taste
2 ripe bananas, fresh or frozen
1/4 cup chopped Earthbound Farm Organic Dates, soaked (see note below), or 1 tablespoon pure maple syrup, plus more to taste
1/2 teaspoon alcohol-free vanilla extract
2 cups ice cubes (a little less if using frozen bananas)
1/2 teaspoon minced ginger, plus more to taste (optional)

Put all of the ingredients into your blender in the order listed and purée for about a minute, until smooth and creamy. Tweak the flavors to your taste (you may like a bit more kale, sweetener, or ginger).

Note: With a conventional blender, you’ll get the smoothest consistency if you use maple syrup or chop the dates very fine.