We recently asked you to answer a few questions about what your “Dream” salad kit would be. You know, if that perfectly simple kit existed where every ingredient was super delicious, the dressing was out of this world, and it was all priced just right…And you answered.

Are you curious about the results? Here’s a peek at just how much we heard from you. Wow!! Clearly it was a popular topic…and it didn’t hurt that you might win a reusable bag. 😉


What did we hear from you? Well, for starters…most of you buy salad kits.


And you had a lot to say about what you’d like to see in a salad kit!

Thank goodness you all love salad. Or most of you, anyway. You’ve given our culinary creatives quite a bit to chew on, so to speak. Over the next several months, we’ll be poring over all your dreams for the perfect salad kit and figuring out what will go into our next craveable organic salad kit. Stay tuned!