May is (Organic) Salad Month and we’re taking a hard look at our salad game. How many times during this lockdown have you stared into the kitchen refrigerator, or into your pantry, and wondered, “What the heck can I make with this stuff?” Us, too.

So, for this week’s exercise in pushing ourselves out of our routine, we came up with the #SaladSunday Challenge, Episode 1. Since we’re all having to get a little more creative as we limit trips to the grocery store, we invited our friend Alyssa Rimmer of Simply Quinoa to take on a Chopped-style challenge for us.

On Sunday, May 10th at 4pm Pacific (after your Mother’s Day Brunch at home), Alyssa will create a salad on IGTV, from a list of ingredients that one of you suggests. Let us know what you legit have on hand (c’mon now, no completely rare ingredients – we have to be able to find them) in comments over at our Facebook or Instagram page by Thursday (5/7) and we’ll choose someone’s ingredients for her to riff with. Then don’t forget to tune in to Instagram at 4pm Pacific on 5/10, our second #SaladSunday.

Alyssa is the idea person to take this challenge on. She has visited our farm and our Carmel Valley Farm Stand and is a big believer in organic. Plus, her salads are always on point. Can we stump her? Tune in to find out.


Drop in to Salad School

Stuck at home? Take this time to try something new!  Look for our tips to master the art of building a salad.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad with Lemon Tahini Dressing Image

Start here with our Salad School Lesson #1! Our first #SaladSunday step-by-step with @WeeknightBite. You’ll love this amazing Mediterranean Chicken Salad. Video lesson here. Recipe here. 



You can also download “Salads for Every Season” – a booklet of 25 wonderful salad recipes compiled from our founder’s cookbooks. You’re sure to find some organic inspiration here.




Grow Your Own Salad Greens

We’re still working on our little windowsill farmette. If you started at the same time with us, great. If not, you can start any time with these simple directions and videos.


More to come. Stay tuned here and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for details on how to participate and watch.