It’s hard to beat a leisurely summer weekend brunch with friends and family. As a magical hybrid of breakfast and lunch, brunch often involves the best of guilty pleasures and delicious comfort food.  It’s one of the rare occasions when we give ourselves permission to slow down and break bread with others mid-day.

Brunch involves a beautiful marriage of contrasts:  morning and afternoon, savory and sweet, caffeine and booze. And while getting your daily fruit and veggies may not be your top priority when thinking through your brunch menu, there are lots of ways to add them to your favorite recipes – including simply adding them to scrambled eggs, which will not only help boost flavors and textures but will also add nutritional value.
We’ve rounded up some of our favorite summer brunch delights, but we hope you are inspired to discover your own favorites as well.

This Roasted Cauliflower and Kale Pie with Potato Crust is hearty and satisfying, with a crispy-tender potato crust and a flavorful filling. Paired with a simple, fresh side salad, it’s an elegant yet easy brunch item.

Take a walk on the wild side with these savory Power Waffles with Sun-dried tomatoes, basil and ricotta. This crunchy, fluffy, utterly delicious (and gluten free) waffle features Earthbound Farm’s tender Power greens. And while the waffle is literally exploding with greens, they don’t overpower its flavor or texture.

Unapologetically embrace your greens with these brunch-friendly salads. Bring some sunshine (and superfoods!) to any day with this bright and satisfying Salmon Salad with Avocado, Eggs and Lemon Thyme Dressing recipe. Or, enjoy some magic with the aptly named Magic Breakfast Salad, which marries a rainbow of sautéed veggies with scrumptiously savory egg and prosciutto over bright, peppery arugula.

Looking for some fruit-based brunch options to balance with savory fare? Fruit Parfaits, layered with yogurts and grains, can be an easy, satisfying (and visually pleasing) way to do that any time of day.

Finally, if you’re not going the mimosa route (no judgement if you do), serve shots of a fruit and greens packed Power Smoothie, or cool down with a surprising, refreshing and delightful combo of bright citrus and smooth greens in this Kale Lemonade recipe.

Happy brunching!