At Earthbound Farm, we believe in quality organic produce that’s fast, simple and convenient all year round. After the holiday food excesses and harried schedules – and at a time of year when fresh, local produce isn’t as plentiful – the New Year is a great time to stock up your freezer with Earthbound Farm organic frozen produce.

Our frozen line makes adding more organic veggies and fruit to any meal so much easier, whether you’re sliding them into a smoothie, folding them into a lasagna or tossing them into a stir fry. Frozen at its peak, our frozen produce is always in season and always easy. Move over take-out!

Our nutrition guru, Ashley Koff, RD relies heavily on her freezer and calls it her “winter farmer’s market.” She travels so much that if it weren’t for the frozen organic fruits and veggies in her freezer, she’d be out of luck when she got home late after a long trip. “Stocking your freezer,” she says, “means you always have a nutritious option available.”

Some More Frozen Food for Thought:

  • Like all of our produce, Earthbound frozen organic fruits and vegetables are certified organic, which means they are grown with cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that promote ecological balance, conserve biodiversity and avoid the use of toxic and persistent chemicals and synthetic fertilizers, GMOs and irradiation.
  • Many people think of frozen produce as inferior to fresh, but keep in mind that fruits and veggies destined for freezing are allowed to ripen before they’re picked, which means they’re at their peak of flavor and nutrients. Then they’re individually quick-frozen right after harvest to lock in all that simple, fresh goodness.
  • Because Frozen fruits and veggies are blanched and ready to go right into your recipe, they save you time (and money, when you’re not tempted by takeout). You can easily swap frozen for fresh in most recipes. Add them directly to recipes like frittatas, sautés and soups. Frozen fruits can go straight into smoothies, cocktails and muffins.
  • To get the most out of your frozen organic produce, remember: minimum cooking equals maximum nutrition. In other words, don’t boil your frozen veggies! Steam or microwave for speed; toss with some oil, salt & pepper or herbs and roast for maximum flavor. The drier the cooking method, the fewer nutrients you’ll lose.

Embrace frozen produce this winter and start your New Year off on the right foot!