There’s a reason our Organic Spring Mix is one of our most popular salad mixes. These days Spring Mix is a produce section staple, but Earthbound Farm started the trend when we introduced this tasty little blend of baby greens back in 1984. But why did we choose these specific greens for our blend, and what makes them such a special combination? Here’s a look at what makes Spring Mix sing (along with a recipe you’ll love).

Spring Mix

When we introduced Spring Mix in 1984, blends of baby greens were usually only found in nice restaurants. But we thought this blend was too good not to share. Baby spinach, red chard, baby kale, radicchio, green oak, lollo rosa and red romaine are all tender greens that complement each other both in flavor and texture. The spinach, lollo rosa and green oak are all mild-flavored, which pair excellently with the sweeter red romaine and the slightly bitter radicchio. The blend combines the whole spectrum of colors and flavors, which make it a delicious and beautiful base for any salad or addition to any meal. And they’re high in vitamin A and C!


If all this talk about fresh ingredients is making you hungry, you’re not alone. Just like our Spring Mix, this Strawberry Tarragon Salad With Balsamic Vinegar blends disparate flavors, resulting in a complex and rich array of tastes and textures. Although it’s best with fresh-picked strawberries, we love this salad any time of year, especially when we’re feeling nostalgic for summer treats.


Ready to mix up something amazing for dinner? Well now you know where to start. Our always organic Spring Mix is here to stay, so we hope you’ll invite some into your home. It’s a good guest for any meal!

Strawberry Tarragon Salad