Sometimes you just need your greens, and a side salad is where it’s at. But even simple salads don’t have to be boring. Fresh, organic greens tossed with a quick vinaigrette and some delicious, spiced seeds or nuts will add a ton of pizzazz with little effort.

Nothing says fall like pumpkins, and roasted pumpkin seeds are the perfect fall salad accouterments. On their own they can be a bit plain, but when you roast them with international flavors and spices, they can add a ton of pizzazz to any salad or even to sauteed greens. Make them ahead and keep them in an airtight container so they’re ready to throw on your greens at a moment’s notice.

Experiment with your favorite flavor profiles. At the moment, we are loving these AsianTuscan and Indian-spiced roasted pumpkin seeds.