What better way to warm up on a chilly night than with a big bowl of hot, hearty soup?
Soup is versatile and delicious, whether you’re following a recipe or just clearing out the fridge and cooking from the pantry. Love meat? Throw it in! Going vegetarian? Explore all the tasty plant-based options, from beans and legumes to tofu. Smooth or chunky…a few ingredients or a lot…soup can handle it all.
The key to great soup is the quality of your ingredients. Go organic whenever you can.
Then top your creation with some crunch, like some croutons, nuts or cheese; add a crisp side salad; or just park a slice of crusty bread alongside to make your soup a meal. Soup is also a perfect source for lunch or leftovers, because it’s always better the next day!
Indian-Spiced Cauliflower Soup

Snowy white organic cauliflower is just bursting with delicious possibilities. Here we’ve simmered it in a vegetable broth seasoned with aromatic spices to create a delightfully warming and versatile soup that’s easy to slip into your seasonal recipe rotation. You’ll never take cauliflower for granted again. Get the recipe.
Beef Barley Soup 

Beef and vegetables go together like cold weather and hot, hearty soup — and here’s a recipe that fits the combo perfectly. Baby kale and barley kick this soup into main-dish territory; with a loaf of crusty whole grain bread and a fresh, crispy salad alongside, it’s a satisfying meal that won’t let you down. Get the recipe.
Ginger Carrot Soup

The natural sweetness of carrots infused with orange, ginger and a hint of nutmeg makes this soup as delicious as it is pretty. The carrots give this soup a rich, full-bodied texture. It’s a favorite from the organic kitchen at our Farm Stand in Carmel Valley, CA. Get the recipe.
White Bean, Kale & Bacon Stew

A delicious, warm stew is a perfect meal on a cool evening, and this is one of our co-founder Myra Goodman’s all-time favorites — an incredibly delicious, nourishing and satisfying dish that’s also a great way to enjoy kale. A double batch is perfect for a crowd. Get the recipe.
Creamy Cauliflower & Spinach Soup

Earthbound Farm’s frozen organic spinach–which is great to have on-hand for soups, smoothies and other quick meals–stars in this vegan-friendly twist on creamy soup from Shannon at Another Hungry Vegan. It is full of flavor and uses ingredients you likely have in your kitchen already. Get the recipe.

Kimchi Vegetable Noodle Soup
This quick and satisfying soup recipe from Ashley at Local Haven is loaded with vegetables and booming with flavor. The kimchi helps build a super flavorful broth, which is then loaded up with shredded chicken (optional), noodles and delicious veg. It’s then topped off with Earthbound Farm Organic Baby Kale, a little soy sauce and a poached egg. Yum! Get the recipe.

Transform a Can of Soup
Need an easy and comforting weeknight meal for one, using up items that are in your pantry and fridge? Check out these simple ideas for transforming canned soup (yes, you read that right!) into a totally satisfying and nutritious meal. Using canned organic vegetable soup as a base, add ingredients such as zucchini, spinach, couscous, freshly grated Parmesan and avocado to create a hearty stew that won’t disappoint. Get the recipe, or create your own.