Does it get more iconic than the apple? Is it coincidence that apples show up in so many key moments in human history?

  • An apple changed the course of history for Adam & Eve
  • An apple conked Sir Isaac Newton on the head and voilà, gravity!
  • The Beatles stormed the planet on Apple Records.
  • Legendary marksman William Tell shot an apple off of his son’s head with a crossbow at 120 paces to secure both their freedom.
  • Paris and the Golden Apple of Discord – which has nothing to do with iPhones or a chat app. This is how the Trojan War began.
  • And then there’s Apple, which has everything to do with iPhones, apps and more…😊

Now is our moment…Just in time for back-to-school lunches and afterschool snacks, our Sweet Organic Apple Slices are showing up for your apple-a-day.

Why is it that we are all so much more likely to eat fruits and veggies in snackable form? Seriously, we’ve heard the derisive comments: it’s not complicated to eat an apple, is it? But…

  • If you’re on the go, what do you do with the core till you find a compost or garbage container?
  • If the apple is deliciously juicy and said juice dribbles down your chin and you don’t have a napkin handy, then what?
  • So many apples are so big these days? What if you want just the right amount of apple?

And then there’s science…

We’re sure it won’t surprise you to know that this very topic has been researched. A study published in December 2021 in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that elementary school students ate more apples when they were provided with apple slices versus whole apples. No surprise to us! And it probably goes for teens and grown-ups, too.

Sweet Apple Slices

All fantastic reasons to choose the organic apple slices. Our 12-ounce bag is just the right amount to portion out 3 or 4 lunches or snacks, maybe more for the littles. With a bag or bowl at the ready, pretty soon even your kids will have crunched their way to at least an apple a day.

Available at WalMart, Whole Foods Markets, and Sprouts Farmers Markets.