Have you noticed anything new about some of our 1-pound packages of organic spring mix, organic baby spinach, and other organic greens? Yep…we’re flipping our lids to a more elegant, less brawny package with some great benefits for all of us.

There’s lots to love about our new Peel + Reseal film lids.

  • 30% less plastic. The new Peel + Reseal lid reduces the plastic in the entire package (not just the lid) by 30%! This is by far the biggest and most important benefit of moving from our rigid plastic lids to Peel + Reseal. We all understand the urgency of reducing our dependence on plastic. We know it matters to you – we hear from many of you on this very topic pretty much every day. After our move to 100% post-consumer recycled plastic trays a decade ago, this is the next step on our way to phasing out plastic. More to come on this journey soon. Stay tuned.
  • Less plastic breakage. If you’ve been buying our organic lettuces and greens for any length of time, you know that sometimes those rigid plastic lids are fastened so tightly to the tray that when you pull it off (which sometimes requires some force), there can be some plastic breakage. Sometimes you’d have to pick those pieces out of the organic greens. We’d rather you not have to do that. It all comes down to finesse versus brute force.
  • Easier to open. As we noted in the bullet above, the seal on those rigid plastic lids could be so strong that you’d often have to pull extremely hard to get that lid off, sometimes ripping either the lid or the tray. The Peel + Reseal lid is easier to open. You have to recalibrate a bit so that you peel the film directly back with care rather than muscling it off.


How to Win with Peel + Reseal

Watch this quick video to see how simple it is ace our Peel + Reseal lids.

In case you don’t want to watch our video, here’s what you need to know.

#1: Grasp the yellow corner that says “Peel + Reseal.” Peel the film back gently, straight back. Your mantra: Finesse is fine. If you’re not so careful, the lid may tear. So finesse it.

#2: Leave the film attached across the top. That will make it easier to reseal evenly along the other edges.

#3: Take out the greens you need.

#4: Reseal carefully. Mantra again. 😊

#5: Run your fingers along all the edges where the film lid meets the tray to ensure a good seal.

If you open the lid and reseal it carefully, the seal should hold well enough to support another 1-pound clamshell or other items. It will be stronger if the thing you want to stack on the tray rests on the tray edges.

We know some new things take getting used to. But we hope that once you’ve spent some time with our new package, your fondness for it will grow, just like ours has.