Salad Month at Earthbound Farm

May is National Salad Month and we have been sharing all kinds of resources to help you hit your salad game out of the park. But one of the easiest ways to keep things fresh? Stick with your favorite toppings, but swap out your go-to greens for something a bit more exciting.

“Exciting” greens, you ask? Is that possible? Fortunately for you, we’ve been making strides on that front—our farmers are constantly working hard to find new varieties of greens. We know that not all lettuces are created equal, so we are always on the search for the next best blend. It’s a multi-year process that involves numerous field trials and taste tests as we work to find varieties that are not only delicious, but also grow well—looking purdy is always a bonus! Recently, we’ve zeroed in on a few new blends and have brought them to select stores near you. These beautiful blends have come so far. They started as an itty-bitty seed. They’ve made it through the gauntlet of our tests and trials and then made their way from the field to supermarket shelves across the country. Here’s a peek at a few of the luscious leaves that we think could step up your salad game:

Earthbound Farm Organic Rosé Blend


• A mix of red lettuces that are tender yet crisp. The perfect foundation for a gourmet salad or beautiful side dish, pre-washed and ready to go. Our friend Rachel used these pretty pink leaves to make this Rosé Blend spring salad adorned with asparagus, grapefruit, crumbled feta, and creamy avocado.

Earthbound Farm Fresh Organic Baby Red Butter


• Delightfully tender and a beautiful deep purple and green, these pre-washed baby red butter lettuce leaves make a delicious foundation for a gourmet salad. Sonja and Alex Overhiser took these beautiful maroon and green leaves and re-vamped a classic Baby Red Butter Lettuce Niçoise Salad. Our hearty greens hold up well to the potatoes, eggs, beans, and olives, all covered in a tangy lemon dressing—it’s off the charts good.


These organic salad blends are recently launched and are not on supermarket shelves everywhere yet. Unless you’ve got a Meijer grocery store near you, it may be challenging to find these cutting-edge blends. Check our product locator to see if these delicious blends are available near you.

If they are not available in your area, luckily, you’ve got some influential power as a consumer to request what you want. Stop by your neighborhood supermarket and let your store’s produce manager know you’d like to see these organic blends. They may be able to bring the latest and greatest Earthbound Farm products to your shelves. Help us to help you enhance your salad!

And, as always, happy Salad Season!