We love frozen, microwavable Hot Pockets and you should, too.😉

Not really. You didn’t really think so, did you? But you know what we do love? Craveable convenience. And the concept of a hot pocket filled with organic deliciousness.

We are working with one of our favorite chefs anywhere – Chef Joel Gamoran – and the team at Homemade to bring you a series of freeChef Joel Gamoran online cooking classes. Yes. You read that right. Free. Want to know more about Chef Joel and why we think he’s such a rock star? Read this.

Coming right up, on April Fools’ Day at 3pm Pacific/6pm Eastern, Chef Joel is going to teach a live, online class on making organic broccoli, cauliflower and cheese filled hot pockets from scratch! These delectable little delights will be made with Earthbound Farm’s Recipe Ready Organic Broccoli + Cauliflower stuffed in a pocket with a bunch of ooey gooey Cabot Cheese. Come reimagine the hot pocket with Chef Joel at this free event! These are loads of fun and you’ll be making your hot pockets right along with Chef Joel. You’ll get a recipe packet and ingredients list so you’re prepared to cook with everyone else and ask questions you have during class.

Don’t wait too long…sign up now. Seriously. It’s free. Sign up here.