We the people of Earthbound Farm, believe eating delicious, grilled food is about as all-American as you can get. As we gear up for Independence Day festivities – a vast majority of which will include grilling – we want to bring you some Earthbound Farm-inspired recipes that will be the belles of any barbecue. After all, veggies deserve grill marks, too.

What’s more, these recipes will satisfy without weighing you down. We’ve also included cool and refreshing drink and dessert options that serve as the perfect grilling counterpoints.

  • When you have the grill fired up, Grilled Caesar is a delicious, interesting way to enjoy salad – either as a veggie main course or a healthy but hearty side to your favorite meat. Romaine Hearts can withstand the heat, and in fact brushing them with Caesar vinaigrette before throwing them on the grill – and then finishing them off with some super savory parmesan bakes – will have the whole gang coming back for more.

  • BACON! Now that we have your attention, hear us out when we say that bacon is especially delicious when it’s paired with hearty, healthy greens. Not convinced? This Grilled Kale & Bacon recipe is rustic, delicious and totally satisfying…especially when you wash it down with a crisp, cold brew. It’s the ideal BBQ side dish that will delight your guests whether they’re trying to get their greens or just want to dig on the swine.

  • During the hot summer months, the name of the game is staying hydrated. While we fully expect at any respectable barbecue gathering that you’ll also have your favorite adult beverages in-hand, this Fancy Herb Water, which is the brainchild of long-time employee Janna at our Farm Stand, is a delicious and fragrant way to quench your thirst. It also makes a beautiful centerpiece that will wow guests! You can use whatever fresh, organic herbs you have in your garden or purchase at the farmers market.

  • Nothing helps to cleanse the palate after grilled fare like family-friendly Mango Grape Popsicles. This simple recipe from our friend Stacie at OneHungryMama.com combines Earthbound Farm Organic frozen mango, green grapes and organic apple juice to make a refreshing frozen treat without added sugar.

  • Need to cool off with something that has a bit more kick? Fire up the blender and make some Peachy Mango Boozy Smoothies. With no added sugar, this blended smoothie showcases the natural sweetness of Earthbound Farm’s organic frozen mangoes and peaches, brightened with lime juice and rounded out with the luxuriously floral notes of elderflower liqueur and a smoky smooth tequila finish. After all, when has anything involving tequila ever gone wrong?

Wishing you a safe, happy and organic 4th!