If there is a more delectable lettuce that Little Gem, we don’t know about it…and we’re truly lettuce nerds. Also called “sucrine” for its noticeably sweet flavor, this lettuce is prized for that sweetness as well as its crisp yet buttery texture. Little Gem lettuce looks like small-size romaine, but is a cross between romaine and a butterhead lettuce. It typically has a pale green heart with slightly darker green or red leaves, especially at the tips of the leaves.

Little Gem’s crispness stems in part from its savoyed (ruffled) leaves, which provide tons of little nooks and crannies to capture your dressing and other flavors. Its compact leaves make a beautiful whole-leaf salad that’s also easy to eat.

Little Gem lettuce also makes an attractive setting for fish and meat dishes and provides a convenient leaf size and texture for sandwiches and lettuce wraps. And the leaves are the perfect size and firmness to use to scoop guacamole, hummus, poke, or chicken salad.

Sweet and Crisp Little Gems

Fortunately, we now offer prewashed leaves of our organic Sweet & Crisp Little Gem lettuce for superb yet simple home salads and more.




Once you have some of these luscious Little Gems at home, here are some of our favorite recipes for our favorite lettuce.


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