You care about doing what you can to make the world a healthier place. So do we. Since the first day we started farming in that 2½-acre backyard in 1984, we’ve worked to cultivate a healthier world through organic food and farming. We live that commitment every day through organic farming and its many benefits for people and the planet.

While it’s incredibly important, there’s more to cultivating a healthier world than organic farming. We understand the strain that humans, our lifestyles, and our work put on our precious natural resources and we are committed to doing whatever we can to reduce our impact.

TRUE Platinum Zero Waste Certification

We’re proud to share the news that our family has earned the U.S. Green Building Council TRUE (Total Resource Use and Efficiency) Platinum Zero Waste Certification at three of our facilities.  The TRUE Zero Waste certification program is an assessor-based program that rates how well facilities perform in minimizing their non-hazardous, solid wastes and maximizing their efficiency in the use of resources. We know that matters to you like it matters to us. We all have to figure out how to make food and other products without generating so much waste, right?

Waste is a critical issue…and so is energy usage. We’ve also reduced our energy grid dependence 90 percent by developing alternative energy programs (solar, wind, fuel cells, cogeneration). Taken together, we’ve eliminated 175,000 metric ton (MT) of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in just two years, equivalent to taking 37,000 cars off the road annually.

This work is important to everyone in our organization and it starts at the top. Bruce Taylor, our Founder, Chairman and CEO said:

 “We are proud that Taylor Farms is at the forefront of developing and identifying sustainability practices that are breaking down barriers and establishing new norms among our peers. We want consumers to know that we’re doing everything we can to help them lead healthy lives while contributing to a healthy environment and healthy communities.”

And we’re not done. There’s a lot more work to do as we launch more than 10 major sustainability initiatives at our facilities across North America including solar, wind, fuel cells, cogeneration, zero waste, water recycling and more.

Our Director of Sustainability, Nicole Flewell, pretty much captured how we’re all feeling: “It’s exciting to look forward to the future and start to understand the change that we can have as an industry if we continue to put sustainability at the forefront of our efforts.”


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