Setting aside a day to think about how we can protect the planet

In 1970 (that’s just 14 years before Earthbound Farm got started), Denis Hayes was a graduate student at Harvard who worked with US Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin to launch Earth Day (April 21, 1970) as a sort of national teach-in about the urgency of protecting the planet.

Turnout was staggering for a first year event. About 20 million people across the United States –  10% of the entire population at the time –  participated in demonstrations, marches, and clean ups. And that widespread sense of urgency from we the people sparked the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, and the Endangered Species Act, as well as the creation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

That sense of urgency about the need to protect the health of the planet and its people also inspired the founders of many heritage organic food companies – including our founders. Determined to produce healthy food in a way that protects the Earth’s precious natural resources, our founders (and others) blazed a whole new trail that eventually became a movement and then a consumer-led revolution because people like you also care about providing healthy food for your families, produced in ways that keep our ecosystems healthy.

When you do something as simple as choose organic spinach or organic spring mix or organic broccoli…or any of our organic veggies and greens, you’re making a positive difference for our planet in so many ways.

  • Organic farming protects water, woodlands and wildlife
  • Organic farming focuses on maintaining healthy ecosystems rather than fixing problems once they occur
  • Organic farming uses fewer resources
  • Organic farming conserves water
  • Organic farm land helps fight climate change by capturing CO2 in its soils
  • Learn more about how organic protects ecosystems here.

Learn more about our heritage here. Learn more about Earth Day here.

Here’s a great downloadable Kid’s Activity Book to help kids learn about the importance of organic while having fun with Lilly the Ladybug.


How will you commemorate Earth Day this year? Drop us a few words in comments.