Earthbound Farm is excited to introduce Big Green as our nonprofit partner for our #IChooseOrganic Sweepstakes. Big Green is dedicated to helping build a healthier future for kids across America. We believe in their vision of “bringing real food to millions of kids every day,” because at Earthbound we believe organic is for everyone. That’s why Earthbound Farm will make a $1 donation to Big Green for each sweepstakes entry.

#IChooseOrganic for Healthier Schools

So far, Big Green has built over 500 Learning Gardens throughout the United States, with a focus on low-income schools. Check out their Impact Map to explore the relationship between Learning Garden schools, the local food system and public health. Through this network of Learning Gardens and corresponding food literacy programs, students, parents and teachers are connecting through a culture of real food.

#IChooseOrganic for Healthier Schools

By creating experiential learning and garden-based education opportunities, Big Green aims to improve the health of students and communities. These living laboratories provide a space for teachers and students to engage in creative, hands-on learning complete with raised garden beds, benches, boulders, a shade structure and art poles.

Big Green provides schools with ongoing support and curriculum development to help ensure that the school community can fully benefit from their Learning Garden. Through their Learning Gardens, Big Green helps:

– Increase students’ academic engagement and achievement.

– Increase students’ knowledge and preference for fresh fruits and vegetables.

– Strengthen the school/community relationship by creating opportunities to work together.

Big Green is helping usher the cultural shift needed to nurture community through the access to fresh, nutritious food. The organization is actively planning their expansion and have noted Colorado Springs, Colo. Louisville, Ky., Long Beach, Calif., and San Antonio, Texas as possible next targets to build 100 more Learning Gardens in each of those cities. In addition to building new gardens, Big Green brings new jobs as they hire local teams of Garden Educators, Project Managers and other positions to serve as support for the region. Keep an eye out, as the next Learning Garden may be sprouting up near you.

Earthbound supports Big Green to help ensure that a generation of kids grow up with the kind of engaging, hands-on education that empowers them to shape their communities, their health and their future.

Big Green chooses organic practices and products for all of their learning gardens in order to create healthier schools. Why do you choose organic?

#IChooseOrganic for Healthier Schools