How’d you like to grow your own greens, even if you have no yard? We’ll teach you to farm organically, reusing an Earthbound Farm clamshell and a semi-sunny window.  Reusable, recyclable Earthbound Farm salad clamshell containers make marvelous containers for mini organic lettuce gardens or other plants. The 1-pound size is ideal for growing organic heirloom lettuce seeds, but you can use the 5-ounce size too. You can find organic heirloom lettuce seeds online at sites like,, and, or ask your local organic nursery.

Why not give it a try? We’ve got simple, step-by-step videos (linked below) to help you get started and show you what your little farm should look like throughout the growing cycle. If you’d like to have some printed instructions to follow along with the videos, download right here.