As October arrives with the first breaths of fall, kids of all ages are heading back to school. And no matter what age your student is, healthy meals help feed their brains and nourish their bodies. Earthbound Farm has a great selection of 100% organic veggies and greens to help you make a smart start to your school year, and we’ve put together a few recipes to give you some ideas for great lunches, all week long.


It’s a wrap! That’s usually what you say at the end, but we love wraps so much we’re starting this post with them. If you’re like us, you’re already thinking about Thanksgiving, and these Turkey cranberry wraps are a tasty little preview of the holiday you can make any time. Send them along for a great school lunch, or enjoy them as an after-school snack.


This next recipe is portable and tasty option for any age: Salad in a jar. Quinoa and shrimp make this a great spin on a classic. We tried it out and this recipe really sings. Use Earthbound Farm Baby Kale or Baby Spinach for this portable and delicious salad.  


For something a little sweeter, we love this strawberry salad with candied almonds and strawberry balsamic vinaigrette. Our Spring Mix is a perfect base for this tasty salad, which is topped with goat cheese, strawberries and candied almonds. Healthy and delicious, it’s practically a reward for eating well!


Want to give the kids a little more protein? How about a chicken salad! This recipe from Kid’s Health features Romaine Hearts, and is a great way to give last night’s chicken dinner an encore. And hey, you don’t have to be a kid to enjoy this one (trust us, we tried it!)


Salad in a jar for kids lunch
Image source: Today’s Parent


Healthy eating habits start early, so encourage a lifetime of smart eating by helping them learn to appreciate the joy of healthy eating while they’re young. These salads are a smart choice for growing brains: try them today and give your kids a nutritious lunch they’ll love.