Whether we’re managing a big family or out on our own, every one of us is busier than ever these days. And when dinnertime approaches — every evening, ready or not! — we need uncomplicated meal ideas that are full of flavor and packed with produce to help keep sanity intact, energy high and tummies satisfied.

Here are some simple and delicious dishes that bring greens and veggies to the rescue. Add one (or all) to your recipe rotation and relax.

Spaghetti with Baby Kale, Chicken and Capers (about 35 min)

Our organic baby kale makes all kinds of simple sauté and soup recipes so much more delicious…and we especially love it in pasta dishes. Here we’ve gathered some favorite Mediterranean ingredients — garlic, sundried tomatoes, capers, parsley — and paired them with chicken and kale for an easy weeknight meal with great flavor, texture, color and nutrients. Leftovers (though not likely) can be rewarmed easily in the microwave for a hearty lunch. Get the recipe

Go Gingham Classic Spinach Salad (about 45 min or less)

Go Gingham Classic Spinach Salad

While greens and kids don’t always go together easily, that doesn’t seem to be a problem in Go Gingham blogger Sara’s house!

“Knowing how good organic spinach is for us — especially for growing kids — I love to see my family gobble this up,” she says. “And because it has eggs and bacon, it’s an entire meal.

“At first, my kids were skeptical about a salad made with only spinach, but the combination of the sweet/tangy/creamy dressing, crunchy bacon bits and tender eggs make it a dinner that everyone looks forward to,” Sara explains. “If there’s any left over, my daughter always reserves it: ‘I call the spinach salad for breakfast, so don’t anybody eat it!’ ” Skepticism over! Get the recipe

Ashley’s Vegetable Fried Rice (about 25 min)

Vegetable Fried Rice | edibleperspective.com

These days, Edible Perspective blogger Ashley is loving easy-to-shop-for, veggie-packed meals that come together in less than 30 minutes — and this one features pantry and freezer staples like our organic broccoli, carrots, frozen peas and frozen mango. The recipe really needs leftover rice to achieve that stir-fry deliciousness, but who couldn’t use a good way to use up leftover rice (or a legit reason to make a bigger batch to begin with)? Try her vegan, gluten-free version of this takeout favorite and work those stir-fry skills! Get the recipe

Amelia’s Super-Easy Veggie Mac and Cheese (about 30 min)

It’s all about Eating Made Easy on Amelia’s blog, and she loves quick, simple meals that are nutritious AND appealing to her whole family. Her mac and cheese features creamy, cheesy pasta and a hidden bonus: our frozen organic butternut squash, which adds solid nutrition and that luscious, creamy texture that everyone loves. Her baby boy enjoys some of the puréed butternut as part of his dinner, while the rest of the family tucks into the mac. Easy, indeed! Get the recipe

Southwestern Corn and Chicken Chowder (about 25 min)

This hearty, chunky, chock-full-of-corn chowder tastes like it was simmered for hours, but it’s easy to get on the table in less than 30 minutes. The secret to its thick, creamy texture and layered flavor? Our frozen sweet corn, plus a handful of crushed tortilla chips stirred in toward the end of cooking to help thicken and enrich the chowder with another layer of corn flavor.

What makes this recipe especially fun is that it’s so easy to customize, whether you’re looking to sub in fresh ingredients, add toppings, create a vegetarian version…or just experiment. Your taste buds are in charge! Get the recipe