Not us. We don’t NEED a “national celery month” to demonstrate our passion for organic celery. We do it on the daily.

We love eating it. We love the color. We love the fresh fragrance of a celery field when the harvesters are picking those beautiful stalks (ICYMI the bunch of celery is called a stalk; a single piece of celery is called a rib). We celebrate celery all the time. Check out this article with all the deets on celery here.

So no. We don’t NEED National Celery Month. But you better believe we’re gonna make a big deal of it with some delicious new suggestions for how you, too, can celebrate the delicious celery stalk, Earthbound Farm organic-styley.

Celery-Spiked Guacamole with Spicy Celery Salt Margaritas

Oh yes we did! This is a dreamy and delicious way to celebrate National Celery Month.






Celery, Date, & Almond Butter Toasts

It couldn’t be simpler…or more delicious. Sweet, crunchy, chewy, and satisfying. A great mid-day snack or light lunch – during National Celery Month or any time!


Let us know what you think of these recipes or tell us about a celery recipe that you adore in the comments.