You’re up. You’re hungry. You want some…of everything. What’s for breakfast?

Give your taste buds what they want: a super breakfast bowl! Hot or cold, it’s an easy way to pull together what you need in your first meal of the day: substantial satisfaction, nutrition and delicious flavor.

  • First, choose a base: A cool smoothie…warm and soothing oats, quinoa, buckwheat or grits…or a hearty cereal like shredded wheat. (If you’re going warm & savory, add some greens like spinach or kale to the hot base right after cooking, so they wilt a little into the mixture…or purée some of last night’s roasted butternut and stir it into the hot bowl with a generous pinch or two of Chinese 5 Spice powder. Yum!)
  • Then select some smooth add-ins: Creamy Greek yogurt, milk (coconut, almond or dairy milk, as you like), or your favorite nut butter for hearty protein.
  • Finish in style with flavorful toppings: Sweeten it up with fresh fruit like berries and bananas; get crunchy with coconut, almonds, walnut or pumpkin seeds; dial up the essential nutrients with chia or flax seeds; add some chew from dried fruit like goji berries, raisins or dried cherries; slice in some creamy avocado for a rich contrast to tangy fruit.

The possibilities are endless. Go for the tried-and-true. Experiment with new first-meal combinations. So many delicious flavors…all in a humble bowl.