We’re all busy and trying to buy time wherever we can, even when it comes to something relatively easy like composing a salad or making a homemade vinaigrette. Sometimes we just run out of inspiration and energy, which makes it easy to succumb to buying bottled salad dressings and pre-made salads. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that!)

But let us help remove these mental barriers for you. Making your own organic salads and vinaigrettes not only ensure the absence of superfluous ingredients you don’t want or need, but you can also tailor them exactly to your tastes if you just follow just a few guidelines – and even those guidelines are pretty flexible! Plus, they’re easy enough that you can get the whole family involved.

What makes a scrumptious salad? Read here to learn about the key components that will help make your salad sing. Also, discover different kinds of Earthbound Farm organic greens that impart all sorts of delicious new flavors, textures and nuances as the base of your salad. Once you find your groove, there are endless, delicious permutations! If you want some ideas to get you started, check out some of our favorites.

What makes a balanced vinaigrette? It’s all about the proportions of oils to acids.

Check out this Salad Dressing 101; or, if you feel you need a bit more guidance, try this Universal Vinaigrette. We absolutely love this recipe because of its versatility. You can sub the thyme with tarragon, or any of your favorite herbs. What’s more, you can use it beyond salads! It’s delicious for marinating chicken, too, or even over rice.

How’s that for school night easy? The world is your clamshell…Enjoy!