We’re a lotta weeks into this stay-at-home situation. Have you finished Netflix? Emptied Hulu? Drained Amazon Prime? This is the week you put your binge-watching knowledge to good use. “Wait? Isn’t it still Salad Month? Shouldn’t we have a Salad Sunday this week?” Of course it is and we do.

But first, we need to know – what have you been binge-watching? Maybe Tiger King or Ozark? How about Community, Mindhunter, Dead to Me, Russian Doll? Perhaps Daredevil, Jessica Jones, High Fidelity, Shrill, Handmaid’s Tale, or Letterkenny? Or maybe The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Fleabag, Bosch, Catastrophe, or One Mississippi? There. Are. So. Many. Shows.

Tell Us What You’re Binge Watching and We’ll Make a Salad from It

So, for this week’s spin on salad genius, we bring you the #SaladSunday Challenge, Episode 2, in which we challenge this week’s earnest salad lover, our friend Chef Daniela Gerson, to make a salad version of someone’s favorite TV series binge. Will it be your favorite?

On Sunday, May 17th at 4pm Pacific, Chef Daniela will be on Instagram, making a salad based on someone’s binge-watch guilty pleasure. Tell us what you’re watching in comments on the appropriate post on Facebook or Instagram by Thursday (5/14) and we’ll choose a fun-yet-funny-yet-challenging show for her to riff with. Then don’t forget to tune in to Instagram at 4pm Pacific on 5/17 for this week’s #SaladSunday.


Did You Miss Last Week’s “What’s In Your Kitchen” Salad?

No worries…check it out right here.

Drop-in to Salad School

If you’re taking this homebound time to hone your salad game, here are a few great tips we’ve collected over the years.


Fabulous Flavor in a Flash: Un-Dress that Salad

Lesson #1: Fabulous Flavor in a Flash.  You’ll be surprised at how a very simple routine can make your salad anything but…and you’ll never be without salad dressing again.



Almost Naked Organic Greens


Lesson #2: Almost Naked Greens.  Salad the traditional Italian way.





Organic Salads to Love

Lesson #3: Six Tips for Salad Haters:  We have faith that everyone who claims to hate salad can be converted.



Lesson #4: Download “Salads for Every Season” – a booklet of 25 wonderful salad recipes compiled from our founder’s cookbooks. You’re sure to find some organic inspiration here.




Grow Your Own Organic Salad Greens

We’re still working on our little windowsill farmette. If you started at the same time with us, great. If not, you can start any time with these simple directions and videos. We only do it organic, of course. Because we love lots of ingredients in our salad…but not GMOs, synthetic fertilizers, or the 700 other things that aren’t allowed in organic farming.




More to come. Stay tuned here and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for details on how to participate and watch.