Not sure who it was who dubbed May National Salad Month…but we’ll take it, and raise ‘em one: National Organic Salad Month. Are you with us? We’ve got quite a lot in store for you this month. Everything except the dreaded woman laughing eating salad. We promise none of that. 😉

Early EBF Salad BagEven though our very first crop on our original 2½-acre farm in Carmel Valley, California was organic heirloom raspberries, organic salad greens are the true engine of this mission. So May feels like a good time to take a hard look at our salad game. Push the boundaries. Get us all out of our salad routines. Generate a big green thrill. Too much? You decide. But if your idea of a salad is a few greens with cucumbers and tomatoes, or if you feel like a great salad is way too much work, we’re gonna toss your preconceptions.

Here’s a peek at what’s coming this month. But you’ll have to stay tuned for all the deets.

  • #SaladSunday – make room #MeatlessMonday and #TacoTuesday, the next big thing is #SaladSunday. A big meal salad is the perfect way to wind down the week in preparation for the week ahead (even if, for now, they kinda blend into one another). And we’ve got five livestreams with some of our favorite foodies – one for every Sunday in May, each working from a different theme – designed to flick your salad spark.
    • First up, the Sunday, May 3: Lindsey from Weeknight Bite will share how to create a twist on an enduring favorite. Tune in to @weeknightbite on the Earthbound Farm IGTV channel at 4pm Pacific time for our first foray in the #SaladSunday sphere.
    • On the following four #SaladSundays, we’ll draft our food friends into Chopped-style challenges like making an amazing salad with some ingredients you (yes, you) happen to have on hand. We’ll be asking what you have in your fridge and we’ll see what kind of masterpiece can be made from it. Or how about making a salad Netflix Bingeworthy Salad? We’ll ask you what you’ve been bingeing on Netflix then pick a series for her to build a craveable salad around. Whether you’re Team Joe or Team Carol, we’ll all have fun with this one.
  • Drop in to Salad School — Stuck at home? Take this time to try something new! Look for our Salads 101 lessons to master the art of building a salad. You’ll learn tips on how to create your own dressings, build the perfect salad etc.. Salad School Is In Session!
  • Grow Your Own Salad Greens – We’re still working on our little windowsill farmette. If you started at the same time with us, great. If not, you can start any time with these simple directions and videos.
  • AND…we make a move to elevate our heritage and connect to our deep roots. What what? You’ll see.

More to come. Stay tuned here and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter for details on how to participate and watch.