Salad Month at Earthbound Farm

Salad Hater in Your Fam? Woo Them With These Tips

We have faith that every family member who claims not to love salads can be converted. We just need to show them the way. When it comes to wooing a salad hater, the most important thing is to start with flavorful, high-quality ingredients, like our organic salad blends and organic produce. Think of salads as an orchestra: for the symphony to truly shine, each player needs to be their best. Once you have a good base, there are things you can easily add to turn even the most reluctant salad eater into a salad lover.

1. Deconstruct Family Favorites

Does your kid love B.L.T. sandwiches? Then try a salad that mimics those flavors and textures, with hearty romaine, crispy bacon, chopped tomatoes, homemade croutons, and a mayo-based dressing, such as ranch or green goddess. Does everyone in the family appreciate taco night? Try all the same fixings in salad form, complete with crispy tortilla strips. If your family is big on Italian flavors, a Panzanella, or an Italian bread salad—like our Baby Kale and Arugula Panzanella Salad—is a good option, as is our Rosé Blend Ultimate Italian Chopped Salad. If your kids always want pizza, maybe you top a flatbread with a tomato, pesto, and mushroom salad (or make it even easier, and top any store-bought variety with a simple salad of organic arugula, oil, and vinegar).

2. Go for Warmth

Warm salads are a game-changer. The warmth from a piece of pan-seared fish, freshly cooked grains like farro, or an assortment of roasted or grilled vegetables, can make a salad that much more inviting. Another easy way to add a little warmth is with a dressing, such as this warm Cider Bacon Vinaigrette.

3. Mix it Up

Our organic chopped salad kits are an easy way to get a quick and flavorful salad on the table. We’ve worked hard to craft the perfect flavor combinations so that all you have to do to get dinner ready is empty out the bag and add the included dressing. If you’re feeling fancy, maybe add some supplemental ingredients, such as salmon and quinoa, to make it a more filling meal. Or try a recipe that includes the salad kit, like this Asian Citrus Chicken Chopped Salad with Blood Oranges that uses our Organic Asian-Style Chopped Salad kit.

4. Add a Protein

Like warm grains, protein-meat, beans, eggs, fish, or even tofu—can transform a salad. Not only will it ensure no one is hungry a half hour later, but it’ll help your family think of salads as less of a side and more of a meal. Easy things to incorporate include hard boiled eggs and shredded rotisserie chicken, canned chickpeas, or roasted salmon. If you’re already planning on grilling or roasting, make some extra for salads later in the week.

5. Top It Off

Sure, a good salad dressing is important, but it’s all the other toppings that make a salad fun. Ideally, your toppings will add texture and diversity, providing some crunch and some creaminess, some salt and a little bit of sweet. Toppings are all about mixing and matching things your family already loves. Some universal favorites include crispy bacon, candied or toasted nuts, pita chips, avocado, dried cherries or cranberries, diced apples, pears, or strawberries, sunflower seeds, and crumbled goat, feta, or blue cheese. Make large batches of grains and keep them in the fridge to always have some hearty additions on hand.

6. Give Them What They Like

Ask your kids what their favorite foods are, and think of fun ways to incorporate them into a salad (easier done with chicken nuggets than chocolate). If your family is full of athletes who can’t go without carbs, create this pasta salad with peas, feta, and olives. Or perhaps you’re trying to convince a hardcore carnivore? Then a salad built around steak, such as this Steak and Eggs Breakfast Salad, (which features—shhh!— organic baby spinach, arugula, and kale) is the way to go.

Once you get comfortable with a few great recipes, of which our site has many, subbing out ingredients will come easier. Also, follow us on Facebook or Instagram for some daily inspiration.


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