Maybe you’ve never put frozen fruit into a cocktail without a blender, but we’re here to tell you that Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Fruit and sparkling wine are really the perfect cocktail pair. Elegant and oh-so-tasty, they make great refreshers for celebrations of any size (not to mention they look gorgeous in your hand when you’re working the room).

And did we mention easy? That’s any host’s keyword, especially during the holidays! Just drop 5-6 pieces of Earthbound Farm Organic Frozen Fruit (or more as you like, it’s your party!) into the bottom of a tall glass, coupe or flute, and then fill with your favorite sparkler. For a little flair, add a few drops of bitters or a squeeze of citrus to really amp up the flavor.

Just a few ideas to get you inspired…

Introduce Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Blueberries to a flirty Spanish Cava finished with a lemon twist for a delicious touch of tart.

Frozen blueberries + Spanish cava, finished with a twist of lemon


Try Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Red Raspberries with a dry Champagne, garnished with a sprig of fragrant, fresh rosemary.

Frozen raspberries + brut champagne, with a fresh rosemary garnish


…Or pair Earthbound Farm Frozen Organic Dark Sweet Cherries with a pretty Prosecco.

Frozen sweet cherries + Prosecco in a tall flute


For best results, select a sparkling wine that’s on the drier side (not too sweet) so you have a nice, crisp contrast with the sweeter fruit, and enjoy! (Responsibly, of course.)

A trio of perfect fruit-and-sparkler cocktails to brighten your holiday celebrations