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What’s In a Label?

September 2015

An Earthbound Farm label is more than our name. Front and back, it’s the info you need to make smart choices — for yourself and for Mother Earth.

What's in a label? If it's an Earthbound label, there's a lot of info that you'll care about

  • Recycled   The container protecting our delicate greens from damage in the store and then your refrigerator is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic. Why? Recycled packaging saves resources and keeps valuable materials out of landfills.
  • USDA Organic Seal   All Earthbound products are certified organic, which means they’re produced without toxic synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, GMOs or artificial ingredients. Why? We believe everyone deserves to know exactly what’s in their food…and what isn’t.
  • Inspiration   There are lots of reasons to eat more produce: it’s delicious AND it’s healthy (check our Recipe Center for more ideas). Why? It’s easier to try new foods when you have ways to use them.

There's a lot of important info on the back of an Earthbound label, too

  • Nutrients   The Nutrition Facts label breaks down the nutrients inside. This federal standard is consistent for all food packages, and it’s not hard to read (get a great tip sheet from the American Heart Association). Why? Check the facts to be sure they’re healthy!
  • Ingredients   Here are the real organic details. Why? Don’t be fooled by words like “all natural” and “sustainable” — unlike certified organic foods, which have been federally regulated since 2002, those terms have no real meaning.

At Earthbound Farm, we’ve been producing organic food that’s healthier for people and the planet for more than 30 years. Why? Because these are the foods we share with our families…and yours.

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