Organic Bound

Welcome to a Month of Delicious Salads!

May 2014

A salad collects of some of Nature’s most delicious offerings and conveniently gathers them beneath your fork. It can be a side dish or a perfectly complete meal. It won’t heat up your kitchen. It won’t weigh you down. It can be as mobile as you are.

Start with a foundation of delicious, fresh, organic greens, and you don’t need much more to make a spectacular salad. But choosing just the right ingredients, even if it’s only a few, makes all the difference in the world. So since it’s National Salad Month — a month we love for obvious reasons! — it’s a great time to share some useful resources and creative ideas that will earn you a reputation as a Master of Salads.

Let’s start with the foundation. Our Specialty Greens chart showcases some of the wonderful leaves that can make your salad sing. You’ll find many of them in our Earthbound Farm organic salad mixes, and still more in bountiful summer markets all over the country. Download your own chart and take it with you when you shop!

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