Organic Bound

Take Your (Lunch) Time

February 2014

Sitting down to lunch is a reward in itself, to be sure. But did you know that taking a moment to eat more slowly and mindfully, even at your desk, has benefits beyond stopping your hunger?

  • Dedicating even 15 minutes to a meal break helps you recharge and de-stress.
  • Taking smaller bites and chewing your food a little longer lets you experience more flavors and textures in your food, which makes eating it more enjoyable and the meal itself more rejuvenating.
  • Eating too fast allows us to eat more before our stomach can signal that it’s full, so we consume extra calories (and risk gaining weight over time). Slow down and you might find you’re completely satisfied with less.
  • Mindful eating makes you more likely to choose better foods at the start. Highly processed foods (like snacks) are designed to taste great at first, but they quickly lose flavor in your mouth, so you reach for more quickly. Healthier whole foods tend to stay interesting; a ripe organic strawberry, for example, starts out with a delicious burst of juice against your taste buds and then releases more flavors as you chew.


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