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Salads Kids Love: Sweetness, Crunch + Variety

May 2014

You love salads and wish your kids did, too? To celebrate National Salad Month, we asked Stacie — who blogs about inspiring healthy hungers in kids on her popular blog, — for her take on the challenge of enticing kids to eat more salad. So she’s sharing some simple not-so-secrets, including her recipe for the irresistible, family-friendly Grilled Chicken and Mango Salad.

There’s just no better way to start kids off on the good eating foot than to show them — early and often — how delicious, versatile and fun healthy food can be. 

Check out Stacie’s video — and that yummy recipe, featuring fresh Earthbound Farm Organic Half & Half Greens and sweet, juicy Earthbound Farm Organic Mangos (or even our Frozen Organic Mango Chunks). We can almost guarantee that by the end, you’ll be craving some of that delicious salad, too!

Visit to get the recipe — and so much more!

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