Organic Bound

RE-Think That Package

April 2014

When you look for Earth-friendly products, are you considering the package, too? 

Recycling is a great way to reduce waste and conserve resources. Reusing packaging is another good choice — and it can be fun, too.

For example, when you’ve eaten all the tasty Earthbound organic salad, our containers are ready for a new career holding something else…like a windowsill garden! They make great starter planters for baby lettuces and other plants, indoors and out.

Start with rich, moist organic starter mix without synthetic ingredients or herbicides, and organic seeds or seedlings.

Use the clamshells by themselves, or slip them into decorative planters for a finished look.

Place your planters in a sunny spot indoors or out, and watch your greens grow!

Get easy step-by-step video tips — and a downloadable instruction sheet — on our Grow Something Green page. Have fun!

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