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Kids in the Kitchen Eat Healthier, Too

November 2013

One of the best strategies for eating healthier is cooking more — and that goes for your kids, too. From grocery shopping to cooking and serving, bringing your kids into the mix piques their interest (even for picky eaters) and helps them make the connection between healthy choices and delicious flavors.

  • Involve your kids in meal planning and shopping. Every child can grasp the goodness of healthy choices. Let your kids choose a new food to try for the week; you both might find a new favorite!
  • Recruit your kids into the kitchen. Kids are much more likely to eat and enjoy new foods that they’ve helped prepare. Giving them age-appropriate tasks helps them learn basic cooking skills and imparts a sense of achievement and satisfaction.
  • Demonstrate key concepts in a tasty way. Cooking teaches skills like planning, organization, measuring and following directions, which are useful at any age level. And you get a yummy reward when everything works out!

Looking for ways to get started? Find ideas for inviting little hands into your kitchen in 3 Ways to Get Cooking With Your Kids, and check out 5 Safe Cooking Activities for Kids from How Stuff Works. 

Spending time together in the kitchen makes more than just a good meal. It creates memories that last forever. Enjoy!

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