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Just Juice It with Chef Sarah

January 2014

Got a juicer? It’s a great kitchen tool! We love smoothies from the blender and juices from the juicer, too — they’re different approaches to getting more fresh fruits and veggies (with their vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and soluble fiber) into your diet, and both can be healthy and delicious.

These juice combos from Earthbound’s own Chef Sarah LaCasse are some of our favorites. Each makes about two 4-ounce servings.

  • Sweet & spicy: 3-1/2 oz Carrot + 4 oz Apple + 1/2 oz Ginger Juice
  • Earthy & vegetal: 3 oz Carrot + 4 oz Beet + 1 oz Celery + 1/2 oz Kale
  • Bright & lively: 3 oz Carrot + 4 oz Beet + 1 oz Celery + 1/2 oz Lemon
  • Smooth & zesty: 8 oz Apple + 1/2 oz Ginger + 1 oz Lemon
  • Light & green: 4 oz Apple + 3 oz Celery + 1/2 oz Lemon + 1 tablespoon Parsley
  • Energizing & earthy: 4 oz Apple + 3 oz Celery + 1 oz Chard + 1/2 oz Kale + 1 tablespoon Parsley + 1/2 oz Lemon

Chef Sarah’s juicing tips:

  • When adjusting a recipe, change the sweeter elements (apple, carrot, beet) first to keep the juice’s basic flavor profile.
  • When juicing citrus, peel it first to avoid bitterness from the white pith under the skin.
  • The more moisture the whole fruit or vegetable has, the more juice it will yield.

For example, 3 medium apples will yield almost 11 oz of juice; 2 large beets will yield a little more than 10 oz; 6 medium carrots will yield about 8 oz; and 4 stalks of celery will yield about 7 oz.

By comparison, a whole bunch of mature kale or chard (with stems) will yield about 3 oz of juice, and a 6-inch length of ginger will yield about 2 oz, which is plenty for most recipes.

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