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December 2013

One of the reasons that traditions become beloved milestones is that they help us make new memories every year. What are your favorites? Here are some of ours.   

From Sam: My friend Carol got a group of us started making Christmas tiaras, and we all love them. I wear mine for every occasion I can think of during the holidays; it’s sparkly, kitschy and fun — a great conversation piece. In my book, leagues ahead of the Christmas sweater!

From Westy: My favorite thing to do is make Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments with my kids. They’re easy, fun to make and smell wonderful on your tree for years. (Tip: Google “applesauce cinnamon ornaments” for recipes and how-to’s.) I’ve been doing it with my boys since there were in diapers; now I’m just the supervisor, and the boys do everything. It gets us all in the Christmas spirit! 

From Jess: My favorite gift that I’ve ever given is a quilt that I made for Steven a few years ago. After we got out of college, he didn’t want to wear his old fraternity shirts anymore, but he didn’t want to get rid of them, either. So I stitched them together into a quilt — the perfect alternative!

From Stacy: My favorite family Christmas activity is making ornaments out of shrink film (tip: Google “shrink ornaments” for lots of ideas, how-to’s and sources). No matter how old you are, seeing your artwork turn into a cool little ornament is a little magical.

From Jennifer: Next to watching “A Christmas Story” with my dad (it never gets old!), one of my favorite things is getting out the stockings that Grandma made and putting them up all together at home. My mom reminds me that I can take my stocking with me, since I’ve been out of the house for quite awhile now…but I’m not sure that our stocking family is ready to be separated!

From Jean: My favorite Christmas tradition at home was the fire in the fireplace. With the Christmas tree in the opposite corner, and Bing Crosby on the stereo, it was our holiday centerpiece. One year a huge storm knocked out the power, so there was no music and the tree was dark. We opened presents and ate Christmas dinner by firelight — it was great!

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