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Good News Gift Wrap

December 2013

When it comes to gifts, we’ve got good news and bad news. Between Thanksgiving and New Year’s, the average American household increases its trash output by 25% — that’s 5 million tons of extra waste headed for the landfill. That’s the bad.

And here’s the good: if we think reusable, recycled and upcycled for wrapping this year’s holiday gifts, we’ll reduce some of that waste and increase the thoughtfulness of our gifts at the same time.

Try making the wrapping part of the gift: give it in a reusable container.

  • Food gifts are perfect in reusable bakeware, pretty serveware or reusable glass jars
  • Wrap with a colorful shopping bag, like these bright ones from Baggu
  • Tuck any gift into a reusable fabric gift bag like these from ReUseIt

If that paper-ripping sound is a precious part of your holiday fun (especially for kids, cats and dogs), choose sustainably made wrappers.

Or…don’t buy paper at all! Check out this alternative wrapping guide from The Daily Green using paper that’s imaginative, recycled and free to boot! Bonus: scroll all the way down the page for tip videos on wrapping with a bag or paper.

Then, before you start opening those carefully covered gifts, designate a box or bag to collect any paper scraps — then it’s easy to recycle it all when the celebration’s done.

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