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Get a Move On!

January 2014

We know the mantra: eat less, move more. Regular activity helps keep our bodies healthy and our minds sharp. It can help reduce stress and connect with your family. (And it’s fun.)

  • Bust a move! Taking a break can be as important as focusing on your work. Take the stairs instead of the elevator; walk over to someone’s desk instead of emailing; take a standing break every 20 minutes (better yet, try a standing desk or computer platform). Take a break from sitting — your body will thank you.
  • Step out. A daily walk can make a big difference. Start with 20 minutes, then dial up the intensity (try a treadmill workout) to multiply the fitness benefits. In winter, try walking the mall (or even the halls!); in good weather, hit the park or a trail.
  • Just get up. Fresh physical activity can be just what your body craves after a long workday. Take an afternoon bike ride with the kids; get out to walk the dog; learn a new movement-based computer game. Have a little fun and let the day’s stress melt away.
  • Make a commitment. Promise yourself at least 30 minutes of activity every day. The new generation of wearable fitness trackers can help you track all your moves; you might be susprised at how fast they add up.

The neat thing about physical activity: some makes you want more. Soon you’ll be looking for more ways to be active — and you’ll feel great, to boot!

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